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Integrity Roofing Systems of Pleasanton, California

Discover unparalleled roofing expertise with Integrity Roofing Systems in Pleasanton, California. Our seamless solutions ensure durable, reliable protection for your home or business. Trust in our commitment to quality craftsmanship and integrity for all your roofing needs.





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Aerial view of a residential neighborhood with numerous houses and lush green trees, showcasing the quality work of Integrity Roofing Systems. The houses are of various styles and colors, surrounded by dense greenery.

Repairs, Reroofs, Tile Roofs, New Roof Builds, Shake Conversions. Send us your info for a free quote.

A person is standing on a ladder while working on the roof of a house. The person wears work jeans and a tool belt, with their head not visible in the frame. The background shows a clear blue sky with a few clouds.

A detailed report and photos of the roof in question can be provided via email. ​

Roof of a house with orange tiles and triangular ventilation shutters on the gable end under a clear blue sky, demonstrating the expertise of Integrity Roofing Systems.


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While a roof is mostly out of sight don't let time get ahead of the roof where its coming to an end of its protective life.

An orange-tiled roof is shown against a clear blue sky, with the tiles arranged in a wavy pattern, highlighting the quality service provided by Integrity Roofing Systems on a bright, sunny day with no clouds in sight.

Let us help you extend the life of your existing Tile Roof.

A rooftop with red clay tiles, several of which appear cracked and broken, creating visible gaps. The damage suggests the need for repairs or replacements to maintain the roof's integrity. The tiles are arranged in a wavy pattern.

We specialize in tile roof repairs! Give us a call at the first signs of a small leak, its your best chance at saving a lot of time and money in the future.

Close-up of stacked red roofing tiles showing their textured surface and layered arrangement, showcasing the craftsmanship of Integrity Roofing Systems. The edges of the tiles are seen in detail, highlighting their wavy design and granular finish.

Do you have a new construction build? We can help guide you through the type or style your looking for.

A construction worker in a hard hat and work clothes stands on a scaffold by the roof of a house, reviewing a document. The roof is partially covered with metal panels, highlighting the expertise of Integrity Roofing Systems. The image is framed with text reading 'Over 20+ years of experience' on the left, and a logo featuring an umbrella is in the bottom left corner.


Integrity Roofing Systems - Your Trusted Partner in Pleasanton, California

Integrity Roofing Systems of Pleasanton California work(s) hard to make your roofing project go as smooth as possible. We take pride in our projects we take on from quote to finished contract. We work closely with the owners requests, time frame, and weather to insure the project gets efficiently finished.

Quality Commitment: Excellence in every roofing project.

Personalized Service: Tailored to your preferences and needs.

Expert Leadership: Led by Owner Jamin Broom.

Efficiency Guaranteed: Timely completion despite weather challenges.


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Industry Leaders: Our Collaborative Partnerships

Explore our extensive network of certifications and strategic partnerships, ensuring top-tier quality and expertise in every project. From industry accreditations to trusted collaborations, we bring unparalleled value and reliability to our services.



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Integrity Roofing is my #1 roofing company for inspections, repairs and replacements. They replaced my own roof and they are always professional, prompt and their work is solid. Couldn't recommend them more!

Doug Sager

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Ready to restore your roof to its former glory? Discover our expert solutions tailored to meet your roofing needs with precision and care. Get in touch today and experience peace of mind under a sturdy shelter.

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